Friday, June 10, 2016

Maternity Leave 2.0

Friday May 27 I wrapped up work; DB created an awesome #kimscoffeebreak surprise; Saturday we met up with friends for brunch, a quick hello to B&E then off to Chico for a chill Memorial Day weekend at my parents house. 

Mom planned a birthday celebration, as we won't see them on my actual birthday.
so sweet!
cake and ice cream...can't go wrong!
Sweet moments!

Maternity Leave
Time off to be home, to prepare and truly to be 100% present with Will has been such a gift.
I know I will look back on these 10 days with him and be so forever thankful for our time just us together!

The conversations DB and  I have around having another child is 99% more around how Will is going to adapt, react, respond and be; and 1% about how ready we are for the newborn phase and sleepless endless days/nights.
We truly just want Will to embrace his sister, love her; and feel 100% secure in this life change. 
Ultimately I don't want him to feel neglected, replaced or resent his sister; as time and attention he now receives on the daily is going to change dramatically!

Our adventures during my time off have included:
zoo, beach, parks, firehouse fundraiser, ice cream, uncle Bs birthday.. :)

Shannon & Kensey came over for dinner; and brought me gelato to celebrate birthday week!

Reflexology appointments with Emma and a surprise from Annie

Tomorrow is my birthday... I thought maybe Sib would like to join the party on my day; but according to my doctors appointment this morning my body hasn't begun the laboring process; and therefore C section on June 14th is most likely going to be here before the other.
Emma's starting to get ready for labor; so maybe we will have baby's on the same day...we shall see!

4 days left for me... 
after todays appointment, I am feeling more ready.
we went over all the logistics and all the pieces of the puzzle that will happen.
I am just hoping and praying it is much better than the last time :)
Which it should be!


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