Friday, June 10, 2016

Maternity Leave 2.0

Friday May 27 I wrapped up work; DB created an awesome #kimscoffeebreak surprise; Saturday we met up with friends for brunch, a quick hello to B&E then off to Chico for a chill Memorial Day weekend at my parents house. 

Mom planned a birthday celebration, as we won't see them on my actual birthday.
so sweet!
cake and ice cream...can't go wrong!
Sweet moments!

Maternity Leave
Time off to be home, to prepare and truly to be 100% present with Will has been such a gift.
I know I will look back on these 10 days with him and be so forever thankful for our time just us together!

The conversations DB and  I have around having another child is 99% more around how Will is going to adapt, react, respond and be; and 1% about how ready we are for the newborn phase and sleepless endless days/nights.
We truly just want Will to embrace his sister, love her; and feel 100% secure in this life change. 
Ultimately I don't want him to feel neglected, replaced or resent his sister; as time and attention he now receives on the daily is going to change dramatically!

Our adventures during my time off have included:
zoo, beach, parks, firehouse fundraiser, ice cream, uncle Bs birthday.. :)

Shannon & Kensey came over for dinner; and brought me gelato to celebrate birthday week!

Reflexology appointments with Emma and a surprise from Annie

Tomorrow is my birthday... I thought maybe Sib would like to join the party on my day; but according to my doctors appointment this morning my body hasn't begun the laboring process; and therefore C section on June 14th is most likely going to be here before the other.
Emma's starting to get ready for labor; so maybe we will have baby's on the same day...we shall see!

4 days left for me... 
after todays appointment, I am feeling more ready.
we went over all the logistics and all the pieces of the puzzle that will happen.
I am just hoping and praying it is much better than the last time :)
Which it should be!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Baby Sib is due in 7 days!

May 27th 2016  I wrapped up
Managing 4 stores and a RMT ... And off on maternity leave + coffee break ... 12 months at home!  
Here I go!

This last week with Will has been wonderful. 
Challenging due to being 38 weeks pregnant and getting up and down off the floor, picking him up and keeping him busy and occupied; leaves little time to rest, relax and think of all the details in preparation for baby #2.  
Baby Sib as we call her, scheduled c section is to occur June 14th. 
Or unless she wants an earl my arrival we are cleared to attempt VBAC ... And hope I am able to get her out of my body without the need for surgery.
We shall see...either way; in the next 7 days life is going to change completely!

DB and my conversation is more around how do we ensure Will transitions and adapts to new baby versus are we ready for new born phase again? 
Definitely couldn't imagine entering into this solo; or without someone so involved as Dave is. Could not imagine trying to take care of 2 by myself. 
Thank goodness he is on board with supporting and being involved 100%. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

the happens of life last week

he has recently demonstrated the ability to pick up cheerios!

he uses great concentration and eats one at a time:)

while up in chico, we all ran the superhero 5k.
it was awesome!  everyone was in some kind of costume!
the night prior it was pouring rain, cleared up in the morning and then started raining when the race wrapped up.
wills first experience with rain, i'd say he loved it!

10 years was celebrated....
it was a fun day, my team was pretty excited about it; my customers were incredibly kind and i recieved a lot of "congratulations" as well as a few "did you start working here when you were 12!?"

One of my peers (previous ASM) stopped by with 10 cupcakes to celebrate 10 years!
so sweet!

this little guy is working on 4 new teeth!  three on top, one of bottom; soon he'll have a total of 6!
4 coming in at one time, sounds like torture to me; and he if could speak, he'd tell you,  it is torture!
poor kid.

all photos from my iphone; which is my predominate method of documenting this kid's daily life!

we celebrated mom's 8th club championship!
(check out where will's red hair came from!)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

our city walk

this is our 3rd annual city walk; DB and .  we take a weekend day in August and just explore our city.
this year...WB was invited to join, and it also changed up our mode of transportation....
stairs?!  not so easy! 

spur of the moment change of plans!? 
not so easy when someone relies heavily on a schedule.

but the day was awesome!
just us walking around and ending up at chachacha for dinner:)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

im still alive...

yes, I am still alive.

i have sat down to write, update, post a photo or two; but have this overwhelming question of "where do i start?!  there is so much to catch up on"...and then i move on to something else instead as i don't know where to start or what to say.

but tonight.  im doing it.

i'll start with today.

i went running after i got home from work, and it was kickstart i needed!
i stopped by the market on the way home because post run i really wanted broccoli.
 (why!?  i don't know)
but i am sure DB is going to love me more, because i came home and wanted to cook dinner!
(i can't remember the last time i have cooked a full-on, real dinner for just me; which means left overs for him...which truly just makes his day)

earlier today,  i went to work.
i have just completed my 9th week back at work since my 6 month ML; its been definitely been CRAZY to say the least.  i am just now starting to feel like my head is above water, and im able to swim in this tsunami i've found myself in.
its getting better, but its been crazy!
the first month was filled with working 55+ hours a week... (i hope no one from my leadership team finds this::as we are only supposed to work 40)

but good thing, I love my job.   i truly do.
i enjoy what i do, i enjoy going to my store, i enjoy my people and the people we serve.

i didn't know how i would respond to going back to work after being on ML, i didn't know if i would want to be home instead.  but truly; i love both these roles i have:  mom and manager.  and before i went back to work i didn't know how those two could exist at the same time.
but they can and they do exist and they both bring incredible joy and fulfillment. 

there definitely are days when i miss my little Willy like crazy, and wish i was home with him; but my times with him are ever so sweet cause i savor every stinkin moment i get before i have to put him to bed.

 looking ahead...i am celebrating 10 years with this company next week!
and im thrilled!
who would have thought i'd be with this outstanding company for a DECADE of my life; and i can't even quantify/fathom all that this company has done for me; i suppose when i write that check for my house, i should send HS a thank you card for our stock program!

10 years!  i am excited to celebrate that next week (one week from today actually)!

a few weeks ago we celebrated out 5 year wedding anniversary!
it was a beautiful evening, we hosted dinner for our bridal party and their spouses!
the best night went by way too fast, and we took way too few photos...but we are planning on doing it again for our 10 year...maybe in italy?!  that'd be so awesome!

Will.  Our little guy is 7 months old now!
yes, old.  yes it goes by so fast....yet so slow at the same time.

we are so blessed by this addition.
he is doing so well; eating and sleeping so well.
he is crazy active; he started crawling right before his 6 month birthday.
and this month, he is pulling himself up onto everything: the couch, the cabinets, the chairs, the doors; anything really.
he is preparing to take off running, i know it!
he loves to stand, and he'll walk if you hold onto his hands.

he is sleeping super well.  he goes to sleep around 7/715pm, we still dream feed him at 10...and usually he'll sleep until 630/7am.   except for the past few nights he has been up at 430 hungry, but then goes back down till 630am; so we really can not complain.

he is pretty happy, but who wouldn't be!?  all his needs are met before he even has to ask for anything.

truly, priviledged.  the fact we live in the US, we live in the bay area of CA.
we have it pretty good compared to many....and we know that, and we are thankful for it.
we don't take it for granted.  

Will loves the water....his middle name should be Fish.

He is a lot of fun, this little one:)!